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BHS Judaic Electives

Neviim and Ketuvim

Neviim Rishonim (early prophets), Acharonim (later prophets), and several books of Ketuvim are studied. These texts have clear and palpable lessons which inspire students to closely examine and discover practical applications for their learning. Students study the text and explore commentaries and Midrashim to deepen their understanding of the content. Students also examine the life and times of each Navi and how each particular prophet addressed the issues of his generation. Students acquire a working knowledge of Jewish history, our heritage, and the trials of early generations of our nation as they realize the sacredness and timelessness of the messages conveyed.

Jewish History

Beginning at the destruction of the Second Temple and continuing through the modern period, students in this course examine the scope and sequence of Jewish history, focusing on key events and personalities that have shaped our nation. The David Project, taught bi-yearly, guides students in understanding the true historical background behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and gives students the knowledge and confidence to become strong advocates for Israel.

Hashkafa / Jewish Outlook

In our chaotic and confusing world, these thought-provoking classes allow students to discuss a wide range of issues and uncover the clarify of a Torah perspective on these topics. Philosophical concepts are studied with an emphasis on practical application.

Gemara Bekiyus

During all years, there is a bekius program to help students become more familiar with the structure and vocabulary of the Gemara. By the conclusion of each year the students have completed a different Masechta.