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Journey Through the Stars

The boy's high school recently participated in an activity prepared by the Ohayon's (Shlichim) and the Bnot Sherut. The activity was called "Journey Through the Stars" and it focused on the people of Israel. The boys learned about important people in Israeli sports, Jewish culture, Rabbis, Science and Technology.
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Parenting in a Digital World

Parents are encouraged to join us for what is sure to be an important and informative evening led by Mr. Ryan Klingensmith, founder of Shape the Sky, an organization dedicated to creating responsible kids on smartphones. The goal of this training session is to help adults educate and provide guidance for youth, with the goal of creating a digitally responsible culture among today’s digital youth.
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Managing News Stories

Summary text is best limited to 1-3 sentences, and featured images will look best if all ratios match (current ratio 2x3 landscape). This is an example story.
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News Alerts

Urgent stories can be given an alert for parents or community members. This will generate a popup box when you log in, and you can opt to read the full story, dismiss the message once, or opt to not show again. You may set an expiration for the alert.
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