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Middle School Chumash Curriculum

Chumash learning begins our students’ journey through the Torah, giving them skills in reading, translating and understanding while developing an appreciation for the lessons and concepts transmitted to us in the Torah. The goals of the Chumash curriculum are to increase students’ fluency in reading, translation, comprehension, and grammatical skills; to develop clarity in understanding; to study Rashi’s commentary and be introduced to additional commentaries; to develop a strong Chumash vocabulary; and to gain an in-depth understanding of the mitzvos, concepts and values in the Torah. This enables our students to become lifelong learners while incorporating these values into their daily lives.

Seventh Grade

Students learn Korach, Chukas, Balak, Pinchas and Devarim. Students learn about the rebellion of Korach and the aftermath, including a study of the responsibility and benefits of Kohanim, Parah Aduma, the experience of Moshe and the rock, the wars of Sichon and Og, the blessings and curses of Bila’am and more. The emphasis in the class is to develop skills in defining and understanding the text, using Rashi’s commentary and selected other Rishonim and Ma’amarei Chazal. In addition to understanding the story on a pshat level and exploring Rashi’s commentary, students will be introduced to additional commentaries, such as Ramban and Ibn Ezra, and will begin the process of comparing and contrasting commentaries on the Torah.

Eighth Grade

Students learn sefer Devarim, which recounts the spiritual preparations for Bnei Yisroel to conquer and settle Eretz Yisroel. Devarim contains a summary of the mitzvos which are mentioned in previous parshios in the Torah, in addition to many new mitzvos.  Moshe Rabbeinu also rebukes and strengthens the people, providing them with a vision for the future.  Students will continue to refine reading and vocabulary skills. They will focus on thorough understanding of Rashi and integrating Rashi’s commentary into their understanding of the Chumash. Students will also explore additional commentaries and improve their skills in identifying the different approaches to meforshim on the Torah.

Please click Chumash Skill Curriculum Chart for an in-depth Chumash skills chart by grade level.