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Each year, all students complete an in-depth study of a significant portion of one sefer of the Torah. Students are sorted into groups that focus on the skills each individual requires to gain practical expertise in independent study. Strong emphasis is placed on reading the pesukim and understanding the major commentaries, gearing the students for lifelong Torah study. Students learn skills necessary to read, research, and decipher the meaning of any Torah topic. Many moral truths are gleaned from the text, expounded, and discussed in relation to everyday life.

HS Girls Level I Chumash

HS Girls Chumash Level II

HS Girls Chumash Level III


Neviim and Ketuvim
Neviim Rishonim (early prophets), Acharonim (later prophets), and several books of Ketuvim are studied through a student's four years at Hillel Academy. These texts have clear and palpable lessons which inspire students to closely examine and discover practical applications for their learning. Students acquire a working knowledge of Jewish history, our heritage, and the trials of early generations of our nation as they realize the sacredness and timelessness of the messages conveyed.

HS Girls Level I Navi

HS Level II Navi (Shmuel I)


Students attain a clear understanding of significant halachot including the laws of Shabbat, holidays, and prayer; laws of interpersonal relationships; and laws of kashrut and berachot. Students emerge with the ability to integrate the intricacies of Jewish law into their lives.

HS Halacha (Brachos)

HS Halacha (Shabbos)


This program is designed to ensure that all students emerge with a fluency in the Hebrew language. Classes are divided according to levels of proficiency so every student can advance at her own pace. The program includes a strong emphasis on modern conversational Hebrew
and Hebrew literature. Hebrew grammar, oral presentation and writing skills are also stressed.

HS Girls Ivrit

HS Girls Honors Ivrit


Jewish History
Beginning at the destruction of the Second Temple and continuing through the modern period, students in this course examine the scope and sequence of Jewish history, focusing on key events and personalities that have shaped our nation. The David Project, taught bi-yearly to eleventh and twelfth grades, guides students in understanding the true historical background behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and gives students the knowledge and confidence to become strong advocates for Israel.

HS Jewish History


Hashkafa / Jewish Outlook 

In our chaotic and confusing world, these thought-provoking classes allow students to discuss a wide range of issues and uncover the clarify of a Torah perspective on these topics. Philosophical concepts are studied with an emphasis on practical application.

HS Hashkafa

HS Girls Advanced Jewish Philosophy/Hashkafa