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General Studies


Language Arts

Hillel Academy’s language arts program guides students in developing critical reading skills, expand their vocabularies, improve their written and oral communication skills, and enhance research skills through analysis of both literature and nonfiction. Students refine their writing skills with an emphasis on compositional organization, editing, and correct use of conventional English. By concentrating on both literature and nonfiction, students will develop an appreciation of great literature and will develop the writing skills that are required in college and beyond.


English Literature

HS English Literature Core Course

AP Language and Composition



The mathematics program leads students through mastering mathematical concepts and abstract reasoning as critical components in learning higher math and science courses. Our full range of courses is designed to accommodate the varied levels of our students, and give students the ability to approach and solve mathematical problems with understanding and confidence. College-level courses are offered as an option for students who are interested in higher level math courses, while real-world mathematics courses are available for students interested in business-related careers and consumer applications.


Algebra II

Pre Calculus

Business Math

AP Calculus AB

College in High School Statistics



The science program stimulates students’ excitement for scientific inquiry through hands-on experimentation, observation and notation, while conveying an appreciation of the structure of the world in which we live. Hillel Academy’s science offerings include a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics. Higher level science courses provide opportunities for students who wish to pursue a career in a science related field.



College Level Chemistry/ Chemistry II


Social Science

Hillel Academy’s range of social science courses guides students in developing an understanding of the history of civilization and the great ideas in economics, politics and culture from early to modern times. Students will understand and appreciate how history impacts on the world we live in today. Analyzing primary sources enhances student ability to understand how societies change. Students will also gain an appreciation of good citizenship as an expression of the value and importance of informed opinion.

American History I

American History II