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BHS Gemara Curriculum

The study of Gemara is the primary focus of our limudei kodesh curriculum. Students are assigned groups which focus on the skills each individual requires to gain practical expertise in independent study.

In the introductory group, shiurim center on learning how to clearly read and understand the text, developing vocabulary, identifying Talmudic laws and concepts, and understanding the flow of the question and answer of the sugya.

In the standard level, classes focus on clearly reading, understanding and analyzing Rashis and some Rishonim. The rudiments of lomdus, Talmudic thought, and independent chavrusa study are introduced as well.

In the honors level, more focus is placed on analysis of rishonim and acharonim, but the text will still be of primary importance. Chavrusa is standardized on a daily basis for both Hachana (preparation) of new sources and Chazara (review) of sources previously learned. A student who completes the honors level track will be able to make a laining on a Gemara.

Each year the entire school studies the same Masechta, to promote achdut and facilitate chavruta study between grades. There is a four-year cycle consisting of Masechtos from Seder Nashim, Seder Nezikin, and Seder Moed.